መድሃኔዓለም ወንጌላዊት ቤተክርስትያን ሴንት ሉዊስ

welcome to the Redeemer of the world Evangelical Church


ራእያችን: ክርስቶስ ያማከለ፤ በመንፈስ የሚመራ፡ በቤተሰብ ላይ የተመሰረተና ተልዕኮን ያገናዘበ ሕይወት ማፍራት::

OUR Vision : Raising Christ-centered, Spirit-led, Family based and Mission Oriented life. The Redeemer of the World Evangelical Church of St.Louis welcomes all people to come and worship the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



Pastor Tesfaye Seyoum is the senior Pastor of the Redeemer of the World Evangelical Church located at 9116 Lackland Rd MO. Pastor Tesfaye was one of the mistreated and persecuted Christians because of his faith in Ethiopia during the communism. He has the unique ability to interpret deep truths of the Bible into personal and tangible applications. He challenges us to consider pertinent historical and linguistic details ...in Scripture, without missing an opportunity to weave in humor and personal stories. He brings ancient truths of Scripture to light in fresh ways, while calling those from an unlikely mix of spiritual backgrounds to love as they have been loved. Pastor Tesfaye leads outstanding church that teaches multi-languages with various programs in Amharic, Tigrigna and English throughout the week. Beyond providing leadership and vision for RWEC, Pastor Tesfaye is a contributing examplary lifestyle, honest, humble and great spritual father of individuals. Pastor Tesfaye and his wife Melkame live in St.Louis, MO, and are proud parents to their daughter Tsion and their son Kelay.

የቤተክርስቲያኒቱ መደበኛ ፕሮግራሞች

Our Services


    Adult bible study in Amharic


    Prayer & Worship (Amharic)
    Youth Bible Study(English)


    Tigrigna Service.


    Sunday school Teaching


    Amharic Service
    English Service


    Kids service

መድሃኔዓለም ወንጌላዊት ቤተክርስትያን

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Men’s ministry believes that the power of prayer is very crucial for our fellowship and strengthens us more as we walk together. The power of prayer also draw us into our community, and more importantly deepen our relationship with God. The Men’s fellowship is delighted to announce a virtual (phone conference prayer)men’s prayer that will schedule every Wednesday the 1st and 3rd week of the month between 8:30pm- 9:30pm.

Men need encouragement, Godly wisdom and hope today more than ever. While the world tends to tell men to hide their emotions and act tough, God's Word is filled with men who passionately and whole-heartedly sought God with their heart, mind and soul (የወንድ ያለህ ). God has a special calling for men to be strong, courageous leaders, and His Scripture can provide the inspiration we need to make daily steps towards our calling.
Joshua 1:9.


Our Mission is to help connect people to Christ through prayer. We believe that there is power in prayer, power in the name of the Lord and power in the Word of God. Our purpose is to intercede on behalf of others as the Spirit of God leads us. We will not seek our own will through our own efforts but we will humbly come before God with a repentant heart seeking His will.

We submit to Jesus Christ as the Head of the church and will strive to obey His command that His church should be called a House of Prayer.Powerful Prayer Activity is a perfect breakout session at our women’s prayer event.

መድሃኔዓለም ወንጌላዊት ቤተክርስትያን መዘምራን







Our Mission is to spread Gospel to the World. To restore hope and provide opportunities for people to become all that God intends them to be; invite to our church to put Christian faith into action through service to the community.

God has called us to make a bold impact in our broken world. This means, not only will we serve and love those who are part of our church, but we will leverage our resources intentionally and strategically outside of our walls. We are passionate about the global work God is calling us to while at the same time, we know that there is significant work to be done in our own backyard.


Redeemer of the World Evangelical Church Bible study Leaders dedicated to creating and publishing materials that promote what the Holy Bible teaches. All content on the site is accessible by the public and made available free of charge. We highly encourage you to verify our content through prayer and the word of God.

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Family Ministry (የቤተሰብ ኣገልግሎት)

RWEC’s Family Ministry aims to establish, strengthen, and restore relationships by equipping families with the tools they need to have meaningful and supportive relationships within their respective family dynamics. The four major areas of focus for the Family Ministry are: Parenting, Marriage, Single Adults and Providing Counseling Services.

Family Ministry activities include prayer, teaching and worship meetings, as well as special events such as the annual church retreat, Valentine’s Night and graduation celebrations, and workshops focused on specific areas of interest (i.e. parenting, financial matters, conflict resolution, health-related matters etc.). In situations where external support is needed, RWEC’s Family Ministry will work with outside groups to provide support to church members.

Family Ministry works alongside RWEC’s men’s and women’s fellowship groups, singles, young adult and other RWEC groups to find opportunities to share God-glorifying testimonials from beneficiaries of the ministry to the greater Church members.



English Services

Youth Ministry

A youth minister coordinates time with children and teens for the purposes of worship, education, volunteer work and community outreach.

Middle School Ministry

Anchor children with Christ and Parents through prayer, teaching, openness and interaction to alleviate identity crises.

Children Ministry

Making Jesus Real to Kids, we serve programs where kids experience Jesus’ love in a variety of unique ways.


You are invited to join us as we explore God’s truth, His grace, and express His love.


We are the English Service of the RWEC. You are invited to join us as we explore God’s truth, experience His grace, and express His love. No matter where you are in your relationship with Jesus, we’d love for you to come and see if this is your thing.


Our Mission is establish a foundation for building Christian character, morals, values and behaviors in young people; by using creative and innovative methods to excite, inspire, capture and ignite young people for Jesus. Our goal is to enable young people to understand and recognize who Jesus is and what it is to live for Him only.


Rob Nguyen is a recent addition to the RWEC leadership team and joined the church as Youth Pastor in July of 2019. He and his wife Star and their children were missionaries in South Africa from 2016 to 2018. While they were there they both worked extensively with orphanages and local youth by providing physical care, emotional and spiritual guidance. Prior to the mission field Rob and Star have taught and discipled many believers in both church and home settings. Rob has a unique ability of articulating biblical truths that reaches all ages. Rob and Star bring decades of both life and ministry experiences that enables them to reach across cultural barriers of all sorts. They both have a deep love for God and his holy word and are excited to be part of bringing Gods best out of people! Rob and Star have been married 26 years and have 7 children....and have loads of fun serving God!


To connect each student with Christ and Parents through prayer , teaching, openness and interaction to alleviate identity crises.
Being a diligent, productive and Christ empowered youth.



Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and in partnership with parents, we will faithfully teach the gospel and demonstrate the love of Christ to all children so that they will become disciples of Christ who trust, serve, worship, and obey Him now and into eternity to the glory of God the Father.

Kid's Ministry Features

Chronological approach allows kids to see how the whole Bible points to Christ.Spend equal time in the Old and New Testaments, learning how every story connects to the gospel.Bible stories brought to life through creative teaching elements.Family resources and age alignment make it easy for families to grow in the gospel together.In the Beginning helps kids discover how God's plan began. God created everything. He created people in His own image. even though Adam and Eve sinned, God revealed His plan to bring people back to Himself through the family of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Sessions include Bible stories from Genesis and Job.


VBS is one of the outstanding programs where kids experience Jesus’ love in a variety of unique ways!.

Making Jesus Real to Kids

A new program where kids experience Jesus’ love in a variety of unique ways!.